Our Purpose


Central Interior Native Health strives to recognize the unique health care needs of Aboriginal People and people who live on, or close to, the street. Our goal is to provide culturally safe and pro-active health care that promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony.


To be a leader in creating an environment that nurtures health and healing for all.

Core Values


We acknowledge people and are engaged at every interaction. We value what each person brings to our work together. We challenge each other to learn and grow. We are client-centred and client-driven.


We are authentic and genuine: with each other and with our clients. We value honesty that is tempered with compassion. We are conscious of our intent and take responsibility for the impact of our words and actions.


We value trust, knowing that it needs to be developed over time; that it arises when we do what we say we will do and that; once lost it is very hard to recover. We respect the confidentiality of our clients and each other. We trust that the feedback we give and the feedback we get is given in a spirit of support and growth.


We know that humour and healing are connected; that humour is a great equalizer and that with humour, we can build positive relationships. We take time to laugh!

Compassion (Empathy)

It is by connecting the head and the heart that we are best able to understand another.